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2017. március 31. 09:03:28  nyomtatási kép

Central Europe in the Context of Global Conflict 

Date: from the 21st of August till 02nd of September

Venue: Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg - H-9730 Chernel str. 14.

The 2017 International Summer University in Kőszeg, Hungary focuses on the contested geopolitical and cultural space of Central Europe in the context of current global transformations and the conflicts they generate. Central Europe is a region of rich diversity, but one that has remained historically and politically at the periphery of European developments. It has often been seen by the West through a specific kind of orientalising lens. These limitations have historically rendered the cultural and intellectual production of the region as less valuable, less known or as simply incomprehensible, thus difficult to transmit to other parts of Europe and the world.

The current crisis of the EU and the dynamics of shifting global powers brings the region into a new era of uncertainty. Different nation states and political elites play a balancing act between national solidarity and EU cooperation, neoliberal free market economy and state sanctions on trade and flows of capital etc. At the same time, these countries are trying to transform state and society relations.

From 20 August to 1 September 2017, we welcome academics and students from all around the world and the region to discussions and dialogue about the challenges and possibilities for the region of Central Europe. This includes the development of cooperative networks, intellectual input, addressed to political elites as well as to societies. Participants are encouraged to address the complexities of current transformations, and our growing social responsibility in re-imagining Central Europe within the current transformation dynamics.



-          The cirsis of European narratives - where is Central Europe? 

-          Central Europe 4.0 - the new industrial revolution in the 21st century 

-          New Wars - Security, Terrorism and technologies of surveillance 

-         Central Europe in the Context of Global Conflict 

-          The Future of Science in Central Europe 

-          Climate Change  

-          III. International KRAFT Conference 

-          Integrated approaches to local culture (literature, history, music, art) 

-          Sustainability workshop 

-          Europe and Greece 

-          Turkey and the Balkans 


More information about programmes and the application soon!