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2016. november 03.
Research Seminar for PhD Students of Kaposvár

Research Seminar for PhD Students of Kaposvár

iASK Kőszeg

3-4. November 2016

Conference venue: Europa ház, Bibó room  Kőszeg Chernel utca 14.

3rd November Thursday

14.15- 15.00 Prof. Attila Pók

HAS and Institute ofAdvanced Studies, Kőszeg

Hungary between East and West

15.00-15.45 Prof. Gyula Zilahy

Technical University of Budapest and Institute ofAdvanced Studies, Kőszeg

Climate Change: Possibilities for Business!?

16.00-16.20 Anikó Magasházi PhD candidate

Budapest Corvinus University, Institute ofAdvanced Studies, Kőszeg

Locational advantages within global production networks - the role of industrial clusters

16.30-17.15 Prof. László P. Csernai

University of Bergen and Institute ofAdvanced Studies, Kőszeg

Sustainability and Competitiveness of Energy Supply in Europe

17.30-18.15 Prof. Andrew Black 

Institute ofAdvanced Studies, Kőszeg

Mesoeconomics - The Missing Middle in Mainstream Economic Theory


4th November Friday Bibó room

9.00-11.30 Research seminar of the PhD Students of Kaposvár University

Presentations of the research topics (10 minutes each)


Belkania Davit

Business Administration in Management


Socio-economic problems and perspectives of Georgia’s Euro integration process


Alexander Titov

Regional and Environmental Economics


Valuation and management of environmental goods


Al Jaafreh Ola

Business Administration in Economic


Environmental Economics and

Sustainable Development


AL-Dameiry Baha’

Marketing Management


Social networking in Concentration of



Haile Versavel

Social Science


The impact of the server’s gender on customers’ expectations and perception of service quality.  A comparison study on male and female service provider


Pandey Rohit Kumar

Business Administartion and Management


Technological advancement of firms: Alternation of manual work methodology via information system


Kareem Mohanad Ali Kareem

Business Administration


The Strategic Role of Human Resource Management in Dynamic Capabilities :Achieving Competitive Advantage


Atobishi Thabit

Management information systems


Mobile Banking Effects on Customers Loyalty and  Satisfaction


Barhoom Faeyzh

Banking and Financial Sciences


Asset / Liquidity Management at the Banks, Performance Management (study for the Syrian and Hungarian Banks)


Phan Van Thranh

Business Administration


Factors of corporate social responsibility affecting the competitiveness of small and mediumsized

enterprises in Vietnam


Shakenova Ainura



Free economic zones (FEZS) as a factor of integration of countries into the world economy (for example, Hungary and Kazakhstan)


Antal Tamás


Vadkár, vadállomány és vadgazdálkodás összefüggései Somogy megyében


Bence Krisztina


A makrokörnyezeti tényezők és a táplálkozás kapcsolata


dr. Cseh Balázs


A speciális iszlám banki ügyletek és pénzügyi termékek agrár-befektetésekre vonatkozó összehasonlító elemzése


Rajczi Alexandra


Az agrárgazdaság jövedelmezősége


11.30-12.00  Prof. Stuart Holland

Institute ofAdvanced Studies, Kőszeg

Beyond Austerity: Democratic Alternatives for Europe

12.00-12.20 Prof. Róbert Manchin

Europan Nova Social R&D, Institute ofAdvanced Studies, Kőszeg

How to do business in the World if you are from Central Europe?



Professors of the course


Stuart Kingsley Holland

Born in 1940, Stuart Holland studied and taught history and political theory at Oxford, then became an adviser to British Prime Minister Harold Wilson on European affairs and in 1967 gained the consent of Charles De Gaulle for a 2nd British application to join the European Community on the basis of a confederal Europe, mutual currency support and a European Technology Community.


Resigning from no. 10 when Wilson did not follow this through, he finished an economics doctorate at Oxford and taught at Sussex University. From 1979 to 1989 he was a Labour Member of Parliament and then worked with Jacques Delors on EU policies for economic and social cohesion, including the recommendation of Eurobonds as a solution to the Eurozone crisis on the model of the Roosevelt New Deal.


He has published papers and books on economic theory, social and political theory, public enterprise, planning, regional policy, economic integration, international development and global economic governance.


Attila Pók


Attila Pók is deputy director of the Institute of History at the Research Centre for Humanities at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. He is also vice-president of the Hungarian Historical Association and permanent Visiting Professor of History at Columbia University in New York. His publications and courses cover three major fields: 19th-20th century European political and intellectual history, history of modern European historiography with special regard to political uses of history and theory and the methodology of history writing. His works in English include: A Selected Bibliography of Modern Historiography (Bibliographies & Indexes in World History, Number 24, Greenwood Press, New York‑Westport, Connecticut-London, 1992); The Politics of Hatred in the Middle of Europe. Scapegoating in Twentieth Century Hungary: History and Historiography (Savaria Books on Politics, Culture and Society. Savaria University Press, Szombathely, 2009); volume co-edited with Randolph L. Braham: The Hungarian Holocaust after Fifty Years (Columbia University Press, New York, 1997); volume co-edited with Stuart Macintyre and Juan Maiguashca: The Oxford History of Historical Writing (Vol. 4. Oxford University Press, 2011).



Róbert Manchin

Robert Manchin is a sociologist, economist, musician by education, a social activist driven by conscience and an entrepreneurial manager by chance. During his career he played as a professional musician at the Hungarian State Philharmonic Orchestra, he was visiting professor at various universities in the US and Europe, and was briefly elected as Director of the Institute of Sociology at the Hungarian Academy of Science. For a decade he was President of the Hungarian Tobacco-Free Association. He established and co-directed with Elemér Hankiss the non-profit company “Reinventing Hungary", and was the founding director of the Gallup International Research and Education Center. He was senior vice president of Gallup Organization in Princeton and Chairman and Managing Director of Gallup Europe in Brussels. As the Founder of the Stone Center for Applied Social Research he runs summer events and workshops in Osor, Croatia. They focus on public policy, music and creative arts. For the past ten years he served as member of the local council and Vice Mayor in Vallus, Hungary. Recently, he has lead the global project BigData in applied social research at Gallup. In November 2015 he was elected as the President of the largest European cultural policy organization, Culture Action Europe.



 László Csernai


Born in Ujpest (Budapest), Hungary, on 14 Sept. 1949

Married, two children

Hungarian and Norwegian dual citizen

Degrees: 1973 Masters (Dipl. Phys.) of the R. Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary,  "With Honours"

1976 Ph.D. (Dr.Rer.Nat.) of the R. Eötvös University,Budapest, Hungary, "summa cum laude"

1982 Habilitation (C.Sc.) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1988 Habilitation (Dr.Sc.) Higher degree of the Hungarian Acad. Sci.

2004 Dr. honoris causa, of the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

Scientific Career and Employment:

2008-   Adjunct Fellow, Frankfurt Inst. for Advanced Studies, FfM Germany

1988-   Professor,  Physics Department,  University of Bergen,   Norway -  Appointed by Olav V., King of Norway in 1987

1974-   Sci. Advisor (1988-) Central Research Inst. for Physics, Budapest, Hungary

2000-04 Sci. Director, Bergen Computational Physics Lab.,EU Researech Infrastucture,  Bergen,   Norway

1987-01 Consultant, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, USA

1986-88 Assoc. Professor, NSCL, Michigan State Univ. E Lansing, MI, USA

1984-86 Assistant Professor (part time)  and Research Associate,    Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

1973-74 Staff Physicist and Designer (for the Paks Nuclear Power Plant) Power Plant and Network Engineering Company,  Budapest, Hungary

Honours, Awards:

  1997  Alexander von Humboldt Research Prize, Bonn, Germany

  1999  Elected Member of Academia Europaea, London

  2003  Appoined as Member of the Section Committee for the Physics and Engineering Section of Academia Europaea

  2004  Elected External Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

  2004  Dr. honoris causa, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

  2004  A. v. Humboldt  Res. Award Re-invitation, Frankfurt, Germany

  2005  Elected Ordinary Member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences

  2006  Chairman of the Physics  Engineering Sect. of Academia Europaea

  2007  Elected Ordinary Member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, NTVA

  2009  A. v. Humboldt  Res. Award Re-invitation, Frankfurt, Germany

  2010  Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering


Gyula Zilahy


Gyula Zilahy has been actively involved in teaching issues related to the interconnection of business and sustainability for more than 20 years both in Hungary and abroad. His various research projects examined the different manifestations of responsible company management; the human factors behind the environmental activities of organisations; factors motivating cooperation between different social groups and the state of sustainability education around the world. Currently he explores the sustainability impacts of new, innovative business models, such as the shared economy and product-service systems. While his results appear in high impact international journals he has also provided practical advice to both small enterprises and large corporations in the field of sustainability management.


Andrew Black

In chronological Order:Cranleigh School, Surrey. 3 A Levels and 2 S (Scholarship) Levels. 8 “O" levels A level results: (Grades A = Best, F= worst). Scholarship grades: 1= best, F= worst Economics A1Geography: AHistory B2Sussex University:BA Economics 2IIBirkbeck College, London UniversityM.Sc Economics. PassBirkbeck College, London UniversityPh.D Economics. 1981

II. Experience Chronological:

Junior Lecturer at South Bank Polytechnic, and North London Polytechnic Assistant Professor, Economics, Roosevelt college, Chicago, Illinois Stipendiat, Max Planck Institute, Starnberg; Input-Output Analysis Fellow, International Institute of Management, W.Berlin

Principal, Economic Advisor, Department of Trade and Industry, Victoria, London SW1 Economist. Economics Department, Unilever PLC, Unilever House, London

Chief Economist, Commerz International Capital Management GmbH, Frankfurt W.Germany. Currency, interest rate, forecasts; publications; determination of future investment strategy

Chief Economist, MM Warburg Bank, Hamburg, W.GermanyChief Economist and Automobile Equity Analyst, MeesPierson, Frankfurt, W.Germany

Director, Price Waterhouse, then PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC: Work on Shareholder Value, book publication; Valuebuilder Valuation and strategy model. Consultancy project manager, international project teams. Europe, Americas, Asia

Director, Managing Consultancy Services, PwC: Value Based management engagements; Insurance, banking, industry.

Managing Director: Building Value Associates Ltd, London, UK: Investment analysis; performance benchmarking; Economic impact of Design for Design Council, UK. Defence analysis. Oil & Gas

Principal, Charles River Associates Inc, Manama, Bahrain: Oil and gas, construction industry Saudi Arabia.

Managing Director, Digit Ltd, London, UK: Defence analysis. Input-Output Analysis, financial and management consulting

Director, Hawk Associates, London, UK.

Senior Research Fellow, Global Policy Institute, London Metropolitan University: Research themes: Valuation & Strategy; modern monetary theory; political economy of UK.

Senior Research Fellow, Institute Social and European Studies, Koszeg, Hungary. June to December 2015

III. Awards

National Geographical Society. Award for the best Geography Project submitted in that year in the UK.

IV. Languages & Levels

English: Mother Tongue. Fluent, reading, writing, speakingGerman: Many years of experience. Fluent, reading, speaking. Competent: writing. French: Basic

V. Professional ActivitiesAcademic:

Teaching Economics: Queen Mary’s College, London University, Roosevelt University, Chicago, South London Polytechnic, North London Polytechnic.

Teaching Valuation and Strategy Courses. MBA:Warwick Business School, Warwick University 2003 to 2011; Advanced Development Course, London Business School 2004-5. Valuebuilder introductory courses at PwC. 1996-2000 Short course on Valuation and Strategy at London Metropolitan University (LMU). 2015. Short course on Corporate Governance, GPI, LMU London, July 2016

Research: Input Output analysis: Max Planck Institute, Starnberg, Germany. Automobile Industry, Industrial Policy, macro economic energy model (EU), International Institute of Management, Science Centre, W.Berlin. Senior Research Fellow, Global Policy Institute,

London Metropolitan University, UK. Research on modern monetary theory; EU/Europe; meso economics, and defence procurement systems

Parliamentary Research Assistant, Mrs Judith Hart, MP, Minister for Overseas Development, UK.

Government: Civil Service. Economic Advisor, Grade 7. Responsible for testing national benefit of inward investment and regional policy investment, Section 7&8 of the Industry Act. Formulation, development and implementation of Industrial policy - meso sector, Department of Trade and Industry, London

Industry and Banking Economist: CICM, Commerzbank. Chief economist and currency advisor. Wrote quarterly Global Investment Strategy (end circulation over 1,000 per quarter). Provided key inputs in investment strategy. Used Markovitz risk/return models. Established first indexed portfolio product in Germany. Member of Commerzbank Interest rate committee. Similar activities at Warburg and MeesPierson.

Economist at Unilever. Country desk, and competitor and industry/product analyst. Game theoretic approach.

Management Consultant: Director at PwC. Managed department of 30+ people, budget £2 million pa. Built Value Based Management Practice. Worked with many meso level clients on variety of issues/problems. Developed ValueBuilder Model, designed to measure performance of meso entities, and estimate future valuations and strategies. Wrote “In Search of Shareholder Value", arguing for an inclusive management style that specifically included interests of employees, managers, customers, supplier and shareholders. As well as being a “good corporate citizen". Assisted in development of IFRS reporting requirements, and their compatibility with a market focused view.

Senior Consultant, Charles River Associates, Inc. Bahrain. Work on oil and gas industry; Saudi construction industry; foreign investment into Saudi Arabia.

Managing Director, BVA Ltd, and Digit Ltd. Focus on management consulting, clients in public and private sector. Defence analysis focus. Wrote/edited “Questions of Value". Follow up book on implementation issues around Value Based Management. Director of other companies.

VI: Current Courses and Research: GPI (see above). Short courses on Valuation and Strategy; Investment advice: South East Asia (with Prof Chris Dixon); corporate governance, risk management, and corporate investment.

Anikó Magasházi


Aniko Magashazi is a PhD candidate at the International Relations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School at Corvinus University of Budapest. She graduated at the predecessor institution and obtained her univ.dr. degree there. She got involved in academic research following 20 years of experience in regional development in the Győr region and in the international financial sector in Hungary and in Austria. Her research interests include Singapore and the Southeast Asian countries with a special focus on the role of foreign direct investment, a field she has been fo