A közelmúlt eseményei
2016. november 15.
Program of Interdisciplinary Social Research by iASK-ELTE

iAsk Workshop 2016


14-16 November 2016

ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences

Doctoral School for Sociology, Program of Interdisciplinary  Social Research

15 November (Zwinger)

10.00       Opening words by Prof. György Csepeli

10.30      Sára Simon: The Internet and e-patients. Ways of gaining information before the therapy

11.00      Gabriella Richman: An Approach to Cognition: Distributed Cognition, Social Interaction in The Real World -Organizations are cognitive systems

11.30      Coffee break

11.50      Zsuzsa Ébl: Dual VET system in Hungary: a success story for everyone?

12.20      Lunch break

13.30      Mária Wollner: Islamic Identity, and Innovations: Innovation Patterns in the Muslim- Arabic Culture

14.00      Dezső Máté: Faced with multiple "values" - from the perspective of the Roma LGBTQI community

14.30      Coffee break

14.50      Richárd Nagyfi: Virtual Reality glasses today

15.20      P. Szabó Dénes: The cinematic representation of the post-Soviet Russian society

 15.50     Mate Kiss: Historical motifs in the discourse of current national radicalist groups

 16.20      Summary and evaluation

 17.00      Filmclub: Szegény gazdagok - A burzsoázia diszkrét bája - rend.: Luis Bunuel (1972) Poverty of richness - Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie by Luis Bunuel