The Questioning Man - on the oeuvre of Elemér Hankiss

JUN 16. 2017  nyomtatási kép

Elemér Hankiss left a lasting imprint on the fields of literary criticism, sociology, political science, philosophy and theology. He left us with questions that we owe ourselves to try and answer. The conference will discuss his rich and versatile oeuvre.


Thursday 8th of June, 2017 - Zwinger, Chernel st. 16

11:00  Opening by László Huber (Mayor of Kőszeg), Ferenc Miszlivetz (Director of IASK)

- Letter of Iván Vitányi - read out by Ferenc Miszlivetz

Future University of Elemér Hankiss - presented by Ferenc Miszlivetz


11:30  "Reinventing Central Europe" - Following Hankiss’s footsteps

Mónika Mátay, László Bíró, Péter Rendes, Ferenc Pongrácz and Zoltán Mizsei


12:00  "Traps and mice" - Social science, economy 

Ágnes Kapitány, Gábor Kapitány - Thousand faces of self, thousand faces of symbols -

on Hankiss’s perception of symbols

Máté Szabó - Hankiss’s relation to the politics and the political science

Moderator: László Z. Karvalics

String theory

 Etudes to clavichord and table by Zoltán Mizsei


12:40  “Walking coat" * - Politics, history

Endre Nagy J. - Hankiss’s set of mind

Attila Pók - What can a Historian learn from Hankiss?

István Sümegi - Science and thinking - on the last works of Hankiss

László Z. Karvalics - Elemér Hankiss, seditious new historicist with soft system approach

Mónika Mátay - The traps of the past in the present

Moderator: Izabella Agárdi

14:40  "Black swans" * - About Hankiss

Izabella Szász - Treasures of the Hankiss Archive 

György Csepeli - A scholar of the 21st century in the 20th century

Zoltán Mizsei - “This is how I relentlessly make poems sound - without sounds" *** - Questions and answers set to music

József Takács M. - From the Publisher’s perspective

15:30  "The unfinished man" * - Theology, philosophy

György Schöpflin - Central Europe and the European "social trap"

Philippe Schmitter - Hankiss and democracy

James M. Skelly - Hankiss’s “toothpaste": Exploring the existential crisis of the self

Juozas Kasputis - Hierarchy in the name of rationality: unfulfilled expectations

Jody Jensen - The dialectics of Hankiss-ism

Moderator: György Csepeli


16:30  Book review              Hankiss bibliography; Quantum mechanics

                                               In memoriam

Péter Bokányi

James M. Skelly: Sarcophagus of Identity: Tribalism, Nationalism,

and the Transcendence of the Self

Izabella Agárdi, Mónika Mátay, György Csepeli

* * * * *



09:00  "Hamlet's change of scene" - Literature

Péter Bokányi - Do not splutter…

Balázs Fűzfa - Hankiss and the Savaria University Press

Two images by Bernadett Scheer, Uwe Scheer (violin)


10:00  "In an alien world" - Interdisciplinarity

András Gelencsér - Impacts of industrial activities on human health and the environment

Norbert Kroó - Quantum mechanics and social sciences

Eörs Szathmáry - Hankiss's game-theoretical work in the light of new research results

Moderator: Dezső Boda

11:00   Break


11:30  “Hankissworld" - Creativity, Future University

Sándor Csortos Szabó - Hankiss’s world

Kornél Németh - Approach to Future University

Sándor Kerekes - Sustainable education

Dimitar Nikolovski, Igor Stipic - Future universities in Central Europe

Konstantin Ziskin - The concept of a new type university

Moderator: Izabella Szász

Conference languages: English and Hungarian.

You can follow the conference's online streaming on our Facebook profile:

Venue: Kőszeg, Zwinger-Oldtower (Chernel str. 16.)

Invited speakers:

Izabella, Agárdi, Historian, Researcher, iASK

Károly Binder, Pianist, Liszt Academy

László Bíró, Managing director, InnoTeq Ltd.

Dezső Boda, Physicist, director, UPKC

Anna Bokányi, Researcher, Hankiss Archive, iASK

Péter Bokányi, Head of the Hankiss Archive, iASK

György Csepeli, Sociologist, Researcher, iASK

Sándor Csortos Szabó, Producer, Budapest Film Productions

Judit D. Nagy, Head of Secretariat, HAS Institute for PS

Tamás Dunai, Actor

Balázs Fűzfa, Literary Historian, Researcher, iASK

András Gelencsér, Rector, University of Pannonia

László Huber, Mayor of Kőszeg

Jody Jensen, Political Scientist, Researcher, iASK

Ágnes Kapitány, Sociologist, HAS

Gábor Kapitány, Sociologist, HAS

Juozas Kasputis, Researcher, IASK

Sándor Kerekes, Economist, Researcher, iASK

Norbert Kroó, Physicist, HAS

Mónika Mátay, Historian, Researcher, iASK

Miklós Mezősi, Literary historian

Ferenc Miszlivetz, Sociologist, Director, iASK

Zoltán Mizsei, Head of The Creative Music Center, iASK

Endre Nagy J., Sociologist

Kornél Németh, Quality engineer, iASK

Dimitar Nikolovski, Researcher, iASK

Béla Pomogáts, Literary historian

Ferenc Pongrácz, Development director, IBM

Attila Pók, Historian, Researcher, iASK

Péter Rendes, Managing director, InnoTeq Ltd.

Philippe Schmitter, Political Scientist, European Univ. Institute

György Schöpflin, Historian, Political Scientist

James Skelly, Researcher, iASK

István Sümegi, Philosopher, Researcher, iASK

Igor Stipic, Researcher, iASK

Máté Szabó, Legalist, Researcher, iASK

Eörs Szathmáry, Biologist, Researcher, iASK

Izabella Szász, Project coordinator, iASK

József Takács M., Editor-in-Chief, Helikon Publisher

Zsolt Várnai, Editorial Director, ALON Média Ltd.

Iván Vitányi, Sociologist, Former Member of the Parliament

László Z. Karvalics, Historian, Univ. of Szeged, iASK

Lili Zétényi, Editor-in-Chief, La Femme, Wife of E. Hankiss

Konstantin Ziskin, director, VSO Moscow