iASK visit at Russian Institute for Advanced Studies in Moscow

APR 04. 2017  nyomtatási kép

New International Connections

Ferenc Miszlivetz, director of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, Jody Jensen, coordinator of the Polányi Centre at iASK and György Csepeli sociologist, senior research fellow at iASK received invitation from the Russian Institute for Advanced Studies at the Moscow State Pedagogical University to participate at the Jean Monnet international conference held between 17-20 April 2017 in Moscow, to discuss possible areas of collaboration.

The representatives of iASK had formerly attended events of the RIAS (Russian Institute for Advaned Studies) Jean Monnet project: György Csepeli worked together with Russian students in Jean Monnet workshops in July 2016. Professors Iván Bába and Attila Pók also held lectures at the Institute in February 2017.

On 17 April 2017, RIAS hosted the kick-off meeting of the project where the role of iASK was one of academic advisor, i.e. to help  with the development of a novel training curricula based on European experience and expertise. The topic was how students majoring in pedagogy can be prepared for the integrative education of migrants and their children in institutional and informal settings as well as long-distance education.

Rustem Gibadulin (Director of RIAS)

During the Moscow visit, Ferenc Miszlivetz, director of iASK discussed possible areas of cooperation with V.P. Dronov, vice-rector of Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSPU) and R.J. Gibadulin, director of RIAS. As a first step, the two parties are planning to exchange junior and senior researchers within the framework of scholarship programs and academic events: iASK extended an invitation to its annual International Summer University (21 August - 1 September 2017).

The delegation of iASK was also welcomed by the Russian Council on International Affairs (RIAC). International expert, Andrej Kortunov, director general of the Council and Ferenc Miszlivetz director of iASK found several common aspects concerning the activities and study programs of the two institutions including research on migration and globalization. The impending collaboration would thus mainly focus on the exchange of experts. 

Another invitation came from IE RAS (Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences) for Ferenc Miszlivetz to give a lecture at the Centre for Visegrad managed by Professor Ljubov Siselina. The lecture focused on Ferenc Miszlivetz’s stance on the situation of the Central European Region and its possible impacts and responsibilities concerning European and global processes. 

Ferenc Miszlivetz  and Alekszej Gromiko   

Alekszej Gromiko, director of the Institute of Europe (RAS) gave a warm welcome and opportunities for closer future collaboration were on the agenda. The two directors agreed that the cornerstone of any cooperation should be the exchange of young researchers the training of future intellectuals.

Jody Jensen (Jean Monnet professor) at RIAS

Finally, the delegatef iASK attended the Jean Monnet Conference organized by the Jean Monnet project team managed by RIAS. The first plenary session of the conference was opened by Ferenc Miszlivetz’s key note address entitled Pathways to The Formulation of New Norms, New Knowledge and Future Universities: a Black Swan Trajectory? 

More details are HERE in Russian.