Code Biology - International Interdisciplinary Conference in Kőszeg (MTA-iASK)

APR 05. 2017  nyomtatási kép

Each discipline brings and accumulates a great deal of new knowledge, but this knowledge only contributes to understanding man and the world if we are looking for a common framework for their interpretation. Code is one of the key concepts that are suitable for linking the bridge between social and natural sciences. The code is a means of signal transmission, which is just as important in the biological transmission of life as an important mechanism in human-social relations that would not work without communication. The lectures of the conference examine the nature and functioning of the codes from the perspective of biology, history, social psychology and cultural anthropology. 

Abstracts are HERE!

Programme of the 4th International Conference in Code Biology


22nd of May - Monday


19:00-19:10 The organizers greet the participants

19:10-19:25 The director of iASK greets the participants

19:25-23:00 Welcome reception


23rd of May, Tuesday - Great Hall of the Castle


First section ===========================

9:30-10:00 Peter Dittrich: Analyzing Molecular Codes in Metabolic Networks

10:00-10:30 Pedro Marijuan: How prokaryotes “encode" their environment

10:30-11:00 Julyan Cartwright: Arms and the mollusc: Encoding biomineralization

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:00 Marcella Faria: The poetics of cell attachment

12:00-12:30 Harold P. de Vladar: Evolutionary information


12:30-15:00 Lunch Break


Second section ===========================

15:00-15:45 Michael Yarus: RNA-amino acid affinity and the Genetic Code

15:45-16:15 Elena Fimmel: Strong comma-free codes and their role in the formation of comma-free ones

16:15-16:45 Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr: Revisiting the Ribotype

16:45-17:15 Coffee break

17:15-17:45 Lutz Struengmann: Self-complementary circular codes and their error-detecting window

17:45-18:00 Ádám Radványi: When two worlds collide: A prequel to proteins, and a sequel to RNAs

18:00-18:15 Ádám Kun: The “code of the codes": a classification and evaluation of approches to the origins of the genetic code


24th of May, Wednesday - Great Hall of the Castle


Third section ===========================

9:30-10:15 Marcello Barbieri: In defence of code biology

10:15-10:45 Alexei Sharov: Bridging Code Biology and Biosemiotics

10:45-11:15 Sergey Petoukhov: Geno-logical coding, inherited properties and algebraic biology

11:15-11:45 Coffee break

11:45-12:15 John Myers: Time and space as biological constructions

12:15-12:45 Zoltán Mizsei: Angelorum Laus / Traces of Angelic Singing in plainsong and Renaissance motet


12:45-15:00 Lunch Break


Fourth section ===========================

15:00-15:45 György Csepeli: Discrepant codes of social identity

15:45-16:15 Attila Pók: Codes: A Historian's Perspective

16:15-16:45 Viktor Müller: A coding perspective of adaptive immunity

17:00-19:00 Visit of the Castle

19:00-20:00 Piano Concert

20:00- Conference dinner

25th of May, Thursday - Zwinger


Fifth section ===========================

9:30-10:15 Szabolcs Számadó: The origin of natural language

10:15-10:45 Andres Kurismaa: Associative learning and epigenetic inheritance of a neural code: Theoretical and code biological problems

10:45-11:15 Dániel Czégel: Mezo-scale dynamics of the semantic space

11:15-11:45 Coffee break

11:45-12:15 Eörs Szathmáry: Physical symbols systems in the brain and Fluid Construction Grammar as a biological system


12:15-15:00 Lunch Break


Sixth section ===========================

15:00-15:30 Anna Aragno: Cradle of meanings, origins of thought

15:30-16:00 Tullio Rizzini: The Cultural Linguistic Code

16:00-16:30 Mónika Mátay: Hidden meanings of the past: Decoding the Chernel House

16:30-17:00 Coffee break

17:00-17:30 Miklós Szabó: Deciphering Genocide - addressing the question: What makes genocide possible?

17:30-18:00 Váczi Dániel & Al Teleki: Codex Memory

18:00-19:00 International Society for Code Biology Assembly Meeting


26th of May, Friday