Dimitar Nikolovski


Dimitar Nikolovski is a PhD candidate at the Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, where he researches the relations between populist parties and civil society in Southeast Europe. He has background in Political Science and has studied at the Law Faculty in Skopje (BA), the Central European University in Budapest (MA) and the Universities of Sarajevo/Bologna (MA). He has worked for several think-tanks in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and cooperates with the Centre for European Training in Skopje. Currently, he works as a young researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Kőszeg.

Research program:

At iASK, I aim at deepening my current research and exploring new adjacent areas. In particular, I aim at looking at civil activism in Central and Eastern Europe, and how it relates to some of the most burning questions of today, such as European integration, challenges and backsliding of democracy, and migration. In addition, I am going to do research on left-wing populism in other parts of Europe. Aside from research, my role would be to extend the network of iASK, especially through connecting and organizing events and projects with institutions from the Western Balkans.


How do current technological, economic, and political developments affect civil society’s capability of protecting and advancing democracy?