Gyula Zilahy


Gyula Zilahy has been actively involved in teaching issues related to the interconnection of business and sustainability for more than 20 years both in Hungary and abroad. His various research projects examined the different manifestations of responsible company management; the human factors behind the environmental activities of organisations; factors motivating cooperation between different social groups and the state of sustainability education around the world. Currently he explores the sustainability impacts of new, innovative business models, such as the shared economy and product-service systems. While his results appear in high impact international journals he has also provided practical advice to both small enterprises and large corporations in the field of sustainability management.

Research program

New, innovative ways of doing business are increasingly influencing our everyday life. Product-service systems, the shared economy, innovative financing are just a few emerging business models, which have gained importance over the last few years as a result of technological development and new customer expectations. However, the impacts of such business models on the environment and society have not been explored systematically yet. My planned research aims at exploring the motivation factors behind these business models and their different types in order to assist economic and environmental policy making towards them.


What are the social and environmental impacts of new, emerging business models and how should policymakers react to their fast development?