21st International Summer University in Kőszeg, June 19 - July 1, 2016

The XXI. International Summer University in Kőszeg at the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iAsk) will take place from 19 June to 1 July 2016. Since 1996 the International Summer University has been organized in Kőszeg by the ISES Foundation where the annual topic has always been constructed around contemporary European and global issues. This year, the XXI. International Summer University is organised by the newly founded iASK and focuses on the issue of recent European crisis. Academics and students are welcome from all around the world to take part in conversations and presentations surrounding our shared global future and understanding the complexities of present transformations, new partnerships, and growing social and corporate responsibilities.

To be or not be? Europe at the crossroads

The 2016 International Summer University  focuses on the issue of the current European crisis: the crisis of democracy and European identity. We ask if there is a future for Europe and if yes, in what form it is imaginable. It seems clear that the much-needed democratization of the European project presupposes the politicization of European public discourse. Transnational European political movements, networks, coalitions of civil organizations (including those from Central Europe) need to move into this vacuum to compete for the support of an increasingly transnational public, and by doing so define and redefine European public good. This process is neither fast, nor easy and it is certainly not possible without conflict. We welcome academics and students all around the world to engage in a dialogue about our shared future, the complexities of current transformations, and our growing social responsibility in re-imaging Europe.

We welcome primarily those participants who are willing to deliver a presentation or a statement addressing the topic outlined above, or highlighting their own creative ideas & solutions.

Preliminary Program

Sunday, 19th June


venue: Europe House

Welcome speeches – Ferenc Miszlivetz (director of iASK), Béla Básthy (vice-mayor of Kőszeg)

Roundtable discussion:
Global crisis of sustainability

Miklós Réthelyi (Chair, Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO)
Csaba Kőrösi (director, Office of the President of the Republic)
András Gelencsér (rector of the University of Pannonia)
György Schöpflin (Member of the European Parliament)
Eörs Szathmáry (scientific director, iASK)

chair: Ferenc Miszlivetz (director of iASK)

18:00 Eye to Eye - opening of the exhibition: venue: Zwinger Bastion

Ferenc Miszlivetz, (director of iASK)
Slomó Köves (director, EMIH)
Sándor Márkus (president, Jewish Community of Szombathely)
Krisztina Kelbert (historian, museologist, Savaria Museum)

Music accompaniment: László Kéringer (voice), Tamás Zétényi (cello)

19:00  Reception venue: Europe House, Cellar

Monday, 20th June

10:00 Stuart Holland (professor, University of Coimbra ): Beyond Austerity - Democratic Alternatives for Europe
Panel discussion

11.00 Ahmet Evin (dean, Sabanci University): EU, Turkey and the Whole Big Mess 
Comments: Mario Neve (professor, University of Bologna)

12:30 Lunch 

14:00 Teamwork – Students introduce themselves and their topics
Moderator: Izabella Agárdi (academic coordinator of iASK) & Dimitar Nikolovski (researcher, iASK)
Be-novative workshop

17:00 Guided City Tour

20:49 (Sunset time) Summer Solstice Concert: 

 Nikolai Badinski: Cantico di San Francesco, 1982
 Zoltán Mizsei (research fellow of iASK):  Constellani, 2014
 Zoltán Mizsei (research fellow of iASK) - voice, piano
 Ábris Gryllus – light, live electronics

venue: Zwinger Bastion

Tuesday, 21st June

venue: Europe House 

10:00 Sean Cleary (Vice-Chair of Future World Foundation): The Challenges of Complexity: Balancing the Ideal of Europe with the Reality of Diversity

11:00 Dezső Boda (research fellow of iASK) : Multiscale Modelling of Complex Systems of Nature and Society 

Comments: Norbert Kroó (physicist, Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Eörs Szathmáry (scientific director of iASK), Ferenc Miszlivetz (director of iASK)

12:30 Lunch

venue for the afternoon & evening program: Jurisics Castle, Knights’ Hall 

14:00 KRAFT for Future Development Competition – Prize giving ceremony

14:30 Benjamin Barber (Senior Research Scholar, City University of New York): The Global Parliament of Mayors
Gyula Porga (mayor of Veszprém): The Alliance of Pannon Cities 

18:00 Film Club and Q&A with Gideon Greif: Son of Saul (Oscar-winner, 2016)

Wednesday, 22nd June

10:00 On Son of Saul: Q&A and Roundtable Discussion 

Participants: Gideon Greif (writer, author of Son of Saul), György Csepeli (professor, ELTE)
Chair: Attila Pók (research fellow of iASK)

12.00 András Szöllősi-Nagy (research fellow of iASK) : The water crisis

13.00 Lunch

15:00  KRAFT at Work – Kraft Points

How to Make and Sell Clean Water? 
Hydrofilt Ltd. Nagykanizsa: presentation of Gábor Lakner & Ildikó Galambos

19:00   Fete de la Musique -Street festival – Chernel street

Thursday, 23th June

10:00 Jody Jensen (research fellow of iASK) : The migration crisis

György Csepeli (professor, ELTE) and Gergő Prazsák (associate professor, ELTE): Tolerance-building among majority and minority groups – Acting together

12:30 Lunch

14:30 Teamwork – Student Presentations I.

19:30 Local Beer and Chocolate  
venue: Tóth Winery, Kőszeg

Friday, 24th June

10:00 Dr. Blanka Bellak (Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution) : Peace Research and Peace Education: Quo Vadis?

Moderator: István Kollai (research fellow, iASK)

James M. Skelly (professor, Centre for Critical Thinking ): The ‘Permanent Education’ and the Problem of Educating for Peace

12:30 Lunch

14:30 Creative workshops - Zoltán Mizsei (research fellow of iASK) , Károly Binder (external research fellow of iASK)

18:00 Talking and Sounding Houses in Kőszeg
venue: Postal Museum, Kőszeg

Optional Evening Program

Saturday 25th of June

10:00Kraft in Pannonia Superior: Field trip to Keszthely

Lajos Szabó (research fellow, IASK):  God Gives the Nuts, but He does not Crack them:  KRAFT - Creative Cities, Sustainable Regions: concepts, projects and more...
Nikoletta Kaszás (associate professor, iASK): An Unused Opportunity or a Way of Progress - What has an Organization Learned from Previous cross-border cooperation programmes?
Katalin Lőrincz (Head of Business Department, iASK): Sustainable Tourism Development in Historic Towns - Kőszeg Case Study
Mónika Mátay (research fellow, iASK): Talking Houses Online: Crafting Identities and Experiences of Space

12.00 Lunch

14.30 Visit to the University of Pannonia Georgikon Campus

18.00 Wine-tasting in Cserszegtomaj

20.30 Dinner

Sunday, 26th June

10.00 Visit to the Castle of Keszthely & Lake Balaton

Week 2

Monday, 27th June

10:00 Eörs Szathmáry (research fellow of iASK) : The Cognitive Excellence Program 

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Gábor Csere: "From Statistical Analysis to the Self-learning CRM System"

14:30 James M. Skelly (professor, Centre for Critical Thinking )& Robert Manchin (researhcer of iASK): Surveillance Capitalism and Democracy's Future – Reading seminar

15:30 Zsolt Sőrés: Sound walk-City walk: a new interactive art form

19:00 Voices and Noises- The Kőszeg experimental concert  by Zsolt Sőrés and Zoltán Mizsei (research fellow of iASK)
venue: Zwinger Bastion

Tuesday, 28th June

10:00 János Abonyi (research fellow of iASK) : Visualizing digital footprints of our complex life

12:30 Lunch

14:30 Teamwork – Big Data Workshop

19:30 Pálinka Tasting with Mónika Rátz, Pálinka Master
*  music accompaniment *

venue: Europe House, Cellar

Wednesday, 29th June

10:00  How to reinvent Central-Europe?

Petőcz Kálmán (Academia Istropolitana Nova):
Tadeusz Iwanski (Academia Istropolitana Nova)
Smaranda Enache (founder and co-chair Liga Pro Europa )
Christine Brandauer (Open Dialogue Foundation)
Iván Bába (deputy director of iASK)

Chair: István Kollai (research fellow, iASK)

12:30 Lunch

afternoon: Research time and preparation for student presentations

18: 00 Cafe Bloom: Once upon a time there was a Central Europe 

Géza Szőcs (Hungarian politician, writer), Smaranda Enache (Founder and Co-Chair Liga Pro Europa), Wojtiech Przybilski (editor in Chief, Eurozine)

venue: Europe House, Cellar

Thursday, 30th June

10:00 Between the East and West

Andrzej Rychard (professor, Polish Academy of Sciences) 
Dimitar Nikolovski (research fellow of iASK)
Andrzej Sadecki (analyst, Centre of Eastern Studies)

Chair: Jody Jensen (research fellow of iASK)

12:30 Lunch

14.30 V4+ Panel 

Roman Kowalski (Ambassador of the Republic of Poland)
Ratislav Kácer (Ambassador of the Slovak Republic)
Ksenija ©krilec (Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia)
Gordan Grlić-Radman (Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia)
Juraj Chmiel (Ambassador of the Czech Republic) TBC
Beata Jaczewska (Executive Director, International Visegrad Fund)

Chair: Iván Bába (deputy director of iASK)

18:00 Reception in honour of successive Polish presidency of V4

20:00 Farewell Program, Tóth Winery

Friday, 1st July

10:00 Student Presentations II.

Closing speech - Ferenc Miszlivetz (director if iASK)

The application package must include the following documents: 

1) Completed application form
2) Motivation letter (including a 200-word summary of your possible presentation or statement)
3) Curriculum Vitae (please include information on your previous study abroad if any: programs, countries, dates attended) Participation fee: 400€. Please indicate in the application form which manner you intend to cover your participation costs:

a) Self financed participation (the fee includes accomodation, tuition & one meal per day)
b) Full scholarship (accomodation+ tuiton+one meal per day)
c) Half scholarship (tuition & one meal per day)
For further information please contact:

István Kollai (academic coordinator - info about the program & presentations): info@iask.hu
Anna Bokányi (applications): anna.bokanyi@iask.hu+36 94 200 520
Organisational partners: ISES Foundation, ELTE Doctoral School of Sociology, University of Pannonia