5 Questions - 5 Answers:

1.      Name 5 important things about yourself. 

2.      Why did you choose our program?  

3.      What do you like about Kőszeg? 

4.      What are your plans after graduation?

5.      What are your long-term goals in life? Where do you see yourself in 15-20 years?

Vardan BARSEGHYAN (Armenia)

Family, Friends, Chess, Books, Wine. 

In this globalizing world, the Kőszeg Campus’ international studies MA is the education that I exactly need for harmonizing the knowledge and skills I have already in law and economics, and a Masters in policy making. This will help me to become a competitive specialist in the international arena.

I like the honorable history of the city (the place where the Turks were stopped in Europe), the honesty symbolized by the honesty boxes found around the town. There is also the natural beauty of the Alp’s. 

After graduation, I intend to do a PhD.

Int he long-term, I hope to be in a more responsible position where I can make decisions and put my efforts towards making the Earth a safer and more desirable place for human beings.

Yeva TOROSYAN (Armenia)

I hold a Master Degree with Honours in Arabic Studies from Yerevan State University. I started my career in higher education administration. At first, I worked in the National Engineering University of Armenia as an Officer of Public Relations and Grants; then in the Yerevan State University as a Senior Officer of International Affairs. Before starting the 2016-2017 academic year at the University of Pannonia Kőszeg Campus, I was working as the European Regional Educational Academy coordinator at the career centre as a lecturer. Here I taught the course on “Regional Studies of Armenia‘s Neighborhood“ to bachelor level students.  I would also like to mention that I am an adaptable, open-minded person and I like multicultural environments.

Taking into consideration my experience, foundation and interests, graduate school in the field of International Studies is the next logical step in my career. My involvement at the University of Pannonia also gives me the unique chance to study in a European social environment, from which I learn valuable lessons not found in any textbook. I have no doubt that the University of Pannonia will provide me with much needed motivation and career development through providing networking opportunities and strong academic capabilities.

I consider Kőszeg a very cozy town with a particular historical character. I also highly appreciate the Europe House where I am able to meet and directly communicate with intelligent and outstanding scholars.

I am pleased and thankful to have received a scholarship from iASK. My next goal will be to continue to achieve greater heights in my career and utilize my skills being an effective member of a working team.

I’ll keep moving forward with my career and share the gift of education and knowledge with the future generations.

Gohar VARDANYAN(Armenia)

I have BA and MA from Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, Department of History and Theory of Visual Arts and I have teaching positions in several formal and non-formal institutions. 

I chose the Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development program because for professionals in the cultural sphere it’s a necessary program and unfortunately in Armenia we don’t have such programs on the academic level.

I like this small and cosy city; it’s calm and the best place for studying and realizing research.

After graduation I will start my PhD. Also, I would like to implement this program in my home university.

I am highly concerned with the lack of good educational approaches and methods in my home country’s higher educational institutions. Thus, my long-term goals are connected with the formal institutions where I can continue to give lectures and apply my new skills and help students to progress in their chosen fields.

Aysha JABBAROVA (Azerbaijan)  

I hold a BA and MA from the Azerbaijani University of Languages, specializing in English language and literature. I have up to ten-years of work experience, mainly in journalism and media. In the past four and half years, I worked as a monitoring journalist at the BBC, covering developments in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus region. I have been on assignments and trainings in several BBC offices, including in Ukraine, the UK and Georgia. After the closure of the Baku office, I started working as a translator at a local telecom company for a short period of time before taking the scholarship opportunity offered at the University of Pannonia.

I was excited at the possibility to be involved in the research work of iASK, which is a reputable and recognized think tank in Europe. I had done research work before and I believe I can become a valuable asset for the institute. The courses offered at the International Studies Department at the University of Pannonia would also help me gain a background in politics, law and in many other disciplines that are essential for being a highly-qualified journalist. I had been away from academia for a while and wanted to work on my education, to grow and to strengthen myself. I decided to seize the opportunity to study in Hungary, which has a high reputation for scholarships and education. I am grateful for this new chapter in my life.

I love the cultural and intellectual environment in Kőszeg. The city is a valuable part of Hungarian and European culture. I feel pretty much in the centre of Europe when I am in Kőszeg. The town has amazing medieval buildings and monuments that have remained intact throughout the course of history. Almost every building here has its own story. Kőszeg is a great place to focus on one’s studies, to explore the Hungarian culture, learn the local language. It also has hospitable residents who are willing to host you and do their best to help. The first time I arrived in Kőszeg, I lost my way to the university and was given a ride from the train station to the university by a total stranger. Another thing about Kőszeg is that it is very safe, probably the safest place I have seen in my life.

After graduation, I am planning to pursue a doctorate and I believe that the current research that I am part of will strengthen my research abilities. I would also like to become Hungary’s cultural “ambassador" to Azerbaijan when I go back home. Presently, very few Azerbaijanis know the Hungarian language and have only basic information about Hungary despite strong diplomatic ties that exist between our countries. I would like to fill this gap in the future. I believe Hungarian classes offered at our university will help me in this department.

I see myself doing research as a professor in a university. I also see myself being involved in policy making in Azerbaijan, especially in terms of my country’s ties with the West and the European Union.

Gunay MAHARRAMLI (Azerbaijan)

I was born in Shaki, a historical town in Azerbaijan. I graduated secondary school with distinction. Later, I graduated from the Azerbaijani Architecture and Construction University specializing in economics. After graduation I worked as an insurance specialist at local insurance companies. I am an optimistic person who always looks for new challenges, not afraid of taking risks in life. I also value friendship and treat everyone in a friendly way regardless of their background.

While pursuing my career, I was also looking for opporutinties to continue my education because I believe that one should never stop studying and learning. That is why I applied for the "Cultural Hertiage Management and Sustainable Development" program at the University of Pannonia in Koszeg. I believe it is an excellent opportunity for me to receive a Western education, to meet new people and to explore a new culture. Taking the scholarship opportunity offered by your university was the best decision of my life. I love everything about the Kőszeg campus and the lessons offered for "Cultural Hertiage Management and Sustainable Development". I feel very lucky to be part of this.

Kőszeg is one of the most attractive towns in Hungary with beautiful nature, historical places and interesting, hospitable people. Kőszeg also has magnificent examples of architecture.

After graduation, I would like to continue my education.

In the future I want to continue being involved in academia. I would like to teach at a university and put into practice everything that I learned at the University of Pannonia. I also want to be in involved in UNESCO's projects related to preserving cultural heritage in the region.

NGWANA Christian FOZO (Cameroon)

My values are identity, beliefs, motivation. My key virtues are honesty, hard work, patience, integrity and respect for diversity. Cultural identity is part and parcel of my personality. My religious and ancestral beliefs are equally important. My motivations and aspirations are what give me the strength to keep moving forward, coupled with my human values such as respect and tolerance.

This program enables me to research across different disciplines in international relations such as international human rights law, political science, sociology and cultural studies. In addition, the program enables me to gain an in-depth knowledge of Central and Eastern European politics in particular, and international politics as a whole. Moreover, the interactive nature of the lessons gives me the opportunity to improve my analytical and communication skills. The lessons offered at iASK give me the opportunity to express my thoughts and knowledge freely. Added to the above mentioned points, iASK offers its student research facilities such as a quality library and the internet, coupled with highly experienced lecturers and professionals in the field of international studies.

The city’s beautiful landscape and quiet environment gives me the opportunity to focus on my studies and concentrate on my career objectives. In addition, Kőszeg is a good place for students because of its quality living standards. In addition, the historical nature of the city gives me the opportunity to learn more about the social, economic and political history of Hungary in relation to its neighbours such as Austria.

After graduation, I look forward to continuing working as an international researcher and consultant in the field of humanitarian action and human rights. In addition, I plan to further my studies in the field of international studies and offer part-time lectures in my country’s higher learning institutions.

I look forward to furthering my career in the field of international politics and humanitarian action by working as a consultant and researcher. In 15-20 years, I plan to be a full-time lecturer at a higher learning institution and offer consulting services in think tanks and international organizations. 


Augustin NGUH (Cameroon)

Ambitious, honest, hardworking, organized.

I have always been interested in international relations. I chose this program because it offers me the possibility to acquire and expand my knowledge of international relations. In addition, before applying for the program, I had read the profile of the lecturers and I was impressed by the calibre of professionals/experts selected to dispense lectures and it also had a positive influence in my decision to apply for the program.

What I like about Koszeg is how natural it is. Its trees, lakes, hills and plains paint the picture of a fairytale-like town. The air is pure and the town is quiet and serene. This is in sharp contrast to Istanbul, where I lived for the past two years.

After my graduation, I hope to work with a non-governmental organisation dealing with human rights or refugee issues, or to work as a researcher for a think tank for a year or two.

It is my wish to pursue a PhD in law or international relations, to become a lecturer and have a consulting firm where I will provide valuable consulting services on human rights and other international relations issues. I see myself in 15-20 years having accomplished all of this.


Natalia ROTARI (Moldova)

I am 22 years old. I graduated from the Alecu Russo Balti State University in 2016.  I have a BA in English and German Philology, thus I am a teacher of English and German languages. Now I am studying International Studies at the University of Pannonia Kőszeg Campus. It became possible after I won the “Stipendium Hungaricum"scholarship.

I was informed about the scholarship from the web site of my university. I decided that it is an excellent opportunity to obtain an MA in a country where universities are well known for the well-organized educational system, outstanding and intelligent scholars. This program gives me the possibility to be a student in a university which is among the best in the world and become highly professional in the field of International Relations.

It is very easy to imagine that you are not in the 21st century but in the medieval age while you are walking around the city. The old houses, the castle, and churches create this atmosphere of mysteriousness and olden times.  Kőszeg is a museum of Hungarian culture, customs and traditions. I like this about Kőszeg.

I am planning to continue my education in the field of International relations further.

I would like to scrutinize the sphere of relations between my country and the European Union; the economic and political role of Moldova in the world arena.  Besides, I am planning to self-actualize as a mother and wife. 

Eman K. I. ABUKHAIRAN (Palestine)

I am Eman and I finished my BA degree in Law in 2014. I am looking to develop other skills to work in international politics. I really enjoy participating in social debates. I am very ambitious. I always want to learn to the maximum possible extent. Then, I will be able to use this experience to get the work in which I can achieve self-fulfillment and help to develop my country.

Hungary was the country I have always longed for! It is a privilege to study at one of the ancient and deeply rooted Hungarian universities. The professors here are very friendly, helpful and academically highly qualified. Moreover, this program fit my academic interests and it was one of the best chances I have had recently that allowed me to experience the excellent Hungarian educational system and to be integrated with the rich and remarkable Hungarian cultural heritage.

The environment of Kőszeg is very peaceful and friendly and that helps me to learn, and adds a lot to my academic experience. Besides academic learning, you can easily feel the Hungarian cultural spirit, history and philosophy which also enriches my social and humanist life experience.

Getting a masters degree is definitely a great achievement in one’s life, but getting it from the University of Pannonia will enrich my academic life and career. It will enrich my knowledge and give me new insights that will offer me a future educational and research career in my home country where I can contribute in international relations to developing Palestine when I return.

I hope to work in the head office of one of the most important international human rights organizations in the world, greeting the staff before leaving to change lives, saving innocent refugee lives.


Al-Afif Haithm ABDULQADER (Yemen)

I am the son of a wonderful mother and a loving father, the brother to a beautiful sister, and one of three awesome brothers. I am a kind friend, and workaholic.

I wanted study abroad.

Kőszeg is perfect and small.

I want to study for another Masters.

In the future I see myself in a good family.


Mammadov SHIRMAMMAD (Azerbaijan)

I graduated from the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University and hold BA and MSc degrees. I graduated also from the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, specializing in tourism and leisure management. I have nearly seven years of experience in hospitality and event industry. I am also invited to work in international events such as the Baku 2015 First European Games and Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe. After graduation from the university I am invited to teach destination management course at Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University.

Education is a very strong tool to improve and prove ourselves. For me it`s one of the best options which is created by iASK. Taking this into account, I am sure that this program will be helpful and useful for me in my future career.

Historical monuments and sights, colorful houses, especially cobbled streets. At the time I would like to state that Kőszeg is a real educational location for studying and researching.

After graduation from the University of Pannonia, I have a plan to take a research program in the related field.

I want to be a researcher in my specialization and of course move forward in my professional career.

Nasser AL-HAMDI (Yemen)

1989, Architect, Love, Knowledge, Yemen.

I chose this program (Culture heritage management and sustainable development) because Yemen has an architectural heritage and several ways of old sustainable architecture. So, I want to conduct research on natural ways to preserve the environment that could be exploited for architectural design. Also, in Yemen we don't have these kind of advanced studies, therefore I would like to get more studies in this field to increase my knowledge and experience.

People, sky, mountains, basketball playground, Kőszeg campus.

After graduation I want to continue my studies in architecture.

 I want to return to my country in order to be able to offer my knowledge to serve my community.

Bashar AL SHARAFAT (Jordan)

I have a BA in Political Science, worked in the humanitarian sector and it was a great experience for me, looking always to improve my skills, I believe in the saying "Work hard in silence and let success make all the noise".

I chose this program because it would be such a great opportunity to increase my knowledge, meet new people and new culture and tell others about my culture as well.

Kőszeg is quiet nice small town, unlike big cities in Europe where there is beautiful nature and fresh air.

After graduation I would like to go back to the humanitarian sector where I could do more for people who still need help.

For long term goals I would like to get PhD and teach at one of the universities.

Nataliya PETRESHAK (Ukraine)

Christian, dreamy, accepted Aristotelian logic, creative, dynamic

The International Studies at the University of Pannonia interests me as it is focused on the development of critical thinking concerning challenges facing human history during the centuries and especially in the 19-20th centuries. I am curious about different social, political, philosophical schools, precisely their theories which connect with the idea of human rights, equality, etc. I have a really critical view on democracy and liberty produced till today and need the professional "others", (in the faces of professors) who, I believe, will help me to build more robust critical issues which had touched these domains. I suppose that during the study I will find various interesting theoretical approaches which are not known to me yet, but I desire to become acquainted with them.

I always acquire to deepen the knowledge I have gathered during my studies, which will hopefully turn into a PhD thesis.

I have been writing essays since my early age and till today. I hope to publish some of my written books and essays. I am working on a philosophical political text now, gathering more materials and information for it. Having never-ending inspiration, I believe that I will continue to work as a researcher and writer, if it is possible accompanied by teaching activities.

Omair FAROOQ KHAN (Pakistan)

I am a proud Pakistani.

I am a young political scientist.

I belong to a society famous for hospitality, kindness and selflessness.

I remember and try to adopt good things and forget the bad things very quickly.

I am crazy about wildlife conservation.

The first and most important reason is that I got the scholarship through this program. Second, I chose the MA program in International Studies because it suits me very well. I did my Bachelor in political science and I had a semester of MS-International Relations. this field like international studies or international relations is new in my country that is why I came here to a more developed and modern country where this subject has strong foundation, so that when I go back to my country I may prove an asset to my young researchers from international relations, political science or international studies.

There are things I like about Kőszeg like the people here are very nice, kind and helpful. Kőszeg is on the top of the list in Europe by having neat and fresh environment. Kőszeg is very close to Austria and has some old historical background dating back to the Ottoman Empire which no other Hungarian city had. 

After graduation I would like to pursue my doctoral degree in political science, international relations, international law or international affairs. It’s my life goal to get a higher degree. I will continue my PhD in Hungary like from the University of Szeged or the Corvinus University of Budapest. If not in Hungary than any other European country.

In 15-20 years I see myself in an academic profession like I would like to join a university to teach. I would like to join an international NGO or I would work for the public policy sector. I wish to join a human rights or international law firm.